The stranger (MB #2)

After breakfast I decided to go on a hike. Was it the best idea? The best thing I could spend my time on? Probably not. But still, I went anyway. I needed to shake off yesterday’s negative vibes that had ruined my plans for the day and forget about my persistent worry over who might be watching me.

I was on my own here and the last thing I needed was to become paranoid. If I did, I could just pack my bags and go back to the city because I clearly wasn’t going to cut it as a writer if fear was always shadowing my actions. The town was small, simple but, best of all safe. It barely had any crime except for some bar fights I had overheard people speaking about in the supermarket and thieves that ran off with food from the market.

I doubted anyone here was experienced enough in the act of spying to do it so, I just jogged on up the hill and tried to forget about it. It took me an hour to get to the top, thinking that it was going to be easy at the beginning. The view was worth it though. I could see my little cottage from afar and the houses nearby before zooming out and taking the whole town into view. A church in construction was the beacon of the town, right in the centre of the square where the market was.

I admired the rustic feel of the town and pulled out my phone to take a picture. Ingrid would love seeing this…one day at least. Right now, she had to keep that photo to herself. Before any memories of the past ruined her mood, she got up and started walking down the hill back to the house. It was then she noticed a man and his dog were close to reaching the top and she panicked. Not because she knew the man, not because it made sense but because she knew if he tried to do something she was in the middle of nowhere with no help.

With sweat dripping down her forehead and a look that screamed ‘stay away from me’, she saw the man slowly pass her on the trail with the dog following suit. He acknowledged her presence by giving her a nod but he didn’t go any further than that. She probably looked like she was scared enough already and he seemed not to want to make it worse.

It was then she decided that when she got back to her cottage she would find some ways of feeling safe both in the house and outside. She was done being scared by the simple presence of a man or the odd phone call received. She had to feel safe and she had to feel that now.

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