That place in the mountains (MB #4)

So, here I was! In front of I what I could only describe as one of those big, red farms you see in movies with horses in the distance and cattle grazing on green pastures. The place was huge and looked as if it had been passed down through generations. The red paint had slowly faded away and the fence surrounding it was missing a couple of wooden strips here and there but otherwise, it was a beautiful sight to look at.

I’d found out about this place from the local librarian after I’d panicked and gone back to my car and accidentally ran into her. An old lady who had been in this town her entire life seemed like a much more reliable source than a stranger in the park, or at least that’s what I told myself on my way here. She said the farm belonged to one of her close friends and her husband and they happened to have some puppies to give away since they couldn’t keep them all. Maybe this was the place that Hunter guy wanted to bring me to but something in me told me I couldn’t trust that, not since trust in men had made me feel this afraid in the first place.

I left my car in front of the farm since there wasn’t a clear driveway, I assumed a house would be somewhere behind the barns but I didn’t want to intrude so I just left it on the side in case someone needed to drive past it. I walked around the fence until I found an entry point, enjoying every step I took in this hidden paradise where all I could hear was silence and the casual neigh of a horse which calmed me for the first time since leaving the house today.

I entered the main barn and my echoing ‘Hello?’ got no greeting whatsoever. I went out and came across some stables where I could hear a horse’s painful sounds and a man soothing him. I cautiously went in the stables hoping to not scare anyone and stopped behind the man attending the horse. The poor animal was clearly suffering and couldn’t even stand whilst the man was feeding him and caressing his head to calm him and get him to eat.

As if sensing someone was watching him he turned around and glanced at me briefly, realising he knew me made him do a double take and ask, ‘What are you doing here?’. Hunter -the guy from the hike, the same guy from the park, who I had left probably feeling like he was an axe murderer in my eyes -twice now, didn’t seem too pleased to see me. He actually seemed annoyed and I think I knew why, clearly he had suggested this place for me to come and get a pup out of kindness and I had just run off on him like he was about to take me to the woods and kill me.

‘Uhm…sorry to intrude. I didn’t know you’d be here. I’m just looking for the owners…I heard that…’ my tongue got eaten by the cat as I couldn’t form the words needed to explain myself. I knew he knew why I was here which made it worse for me since I had acted like such a bitch in front of him earlier. He simply shrugged disinterested, ‘They have some puppies? Like the guy from the park told you?’

Now I felt even worse. Clearly I hadn’t just made a bad impression but also hurt his feelings. He didn’t look at me and instead kept soothing the horse who was nearly done with his food. I was fidgeting at this point, willing myself to leave, ‘I’m sorry for how I behaved earlier. I understand you don’t want to help me anymore so, I’ll just go.’

As I was about to turn he simply sighed and said ‘No, if you can take a puppy with you home you’d been doing my grandparents a favour. So, I’ll help but keep your distance, you might be some criminal coming from the big city to hide in a small town, and I don’t want to go to Heaven yet.’ I smiled and almost let out a laugh and when he got up to look at me I didn’t stop smiling. ‘Ah! A criminal’s deadliest weapon, a beautiful smile!’ I blushed and moved my eyes away from him.

I didn’t want him to know something in me had liked that he thought my smile was beautiful. Jeez Mia…

‘So, the dogs?’ I enquired, changing the subject to something more comfortable to me. ‘The dogs, right. They are in the back garden of the main house. My grams is there so don’t worry, it won’t be just me but you’ll have to convince her you’re worthy of her pups cause she won’t let just anyone take them.’ He winked and a half-smile appeared on his face. I nodded in agreement and started off in the direction of the house, hiding my own smile from his comment.

The walk was quick since he didn’t seem to want to dwell on how breathtaking the view was like I did. Hence there were about six feet between us and my body did full circles whilst taking in the entire property. Once we finally reached the house he looked at me beguiled and somehow surprised, maybe because I actually liked the place or maybe because he thought I was weird for analysing every detail of the farm.

‘What?’ I asked, trying to snap him out of his trance.

‘Nothing.’ He shrugged, going back to being serious, ‘Let’s go inside.’ he added softly this time, to make his tone more welcoming and for the first time in a long time I did feel welcomed.

Note: Read Morning brainstorm #1, #2 and #3 to understand this post better.

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  1. I so wanted this to have a happily-ever-after ending. I’m such a romantic. Still, it is a lovely story.


    1. DGs says:

      Thank you! The story is not over yet! I’ll keep writing on it daily and whichever post has “Morning brainstorm” in the title will be linked to it. 😊 Hope you’ll keep reading.


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