The drive to honesty (MB #6)

Emotions could not describe the blissful state I was currently in. Carrying a golden retriever in my arms like a baby, I cooed at the little lad who was about to become the centre of my attention. ‘What are you going to name him?’ Hunter asked, almost invisible to my eye since I was so focused on my bundle of joy. ‘I haven’t thought about it. I didn’t actually believe I was going to get a dog today. I just thought I would come here, see a dog, and then go home and weigh in on the pros and cons of owning a pet.’

‘Seriously?’ He laughed and shook his head. ‘Of course! It’s a big responsibility’ I replied, ‘Where am I even going to get all the stuff that I need for him?’ I jokingly asked but then wondered for real, since this town didn’t even have an animal shelter.

‘There’s the local supermarket but it doesn’t have much. I could drive you up to a bigger one twenty minutes outside of town if you want. That’s of course if you’re not again scared I’ll lead you astray’ he joked and I gave him a mocking smile, comfortable enough with him now to do that. ‘Well what would you do if a stranger told you he knows a place where there are puppies? Would you actually believe him?’ He laughed as if I was stating something obvious, ‘Yes! At least in this town, yes. But I’ll give you a pass since you’re new.’ he waved his hands in dismissal and then added with a serious look ‘So, want me to take you?’

I was surprised by how fast my brain said yes and how trusting of Hunter I had become for that to happen. The elderly power had worked like a charm and his grandmother had made me feel so welcomed and safe that I couldn’t help not feeling the same around him. ‘We’ll take my car.’ I stated, not waiting for an answer since I knew he was following me close behind.

‘I guess we will…’ he muttered and immediately climbed into the passenger’s seat without protesting. Before I went into the driver’s seat I handed him my pup to hold, ‘This is precious cargo, if something happens to him I’m leaving you stranded on the side of some road.’ I said sarcastically hoping to be funny. As he took the dog in his arms he didn’t break his intense gaze towards me though and simply replied ‘I wouldn’t dream of it’ giving me a cheeky wink at the end that left me feeling both trusting of him and turned on by him.


I jumped into the car trying not to think of that, simply because this was the worst time to be interested in anyone, especially a stranger I knew nothing about.

‘You okay?’ He asked, almost concerned once I’d settled behind the wheel. The colour in my face had probably faded and I felt my usual barrier coming back up in an attempt to keep him at bay and not let him affect me in that kind of way. I nodded but gave no verbal confirmation.

Pulling out from the side of the road where I had left my car, I asked ‘Where do I go now?’ unsure if I referred to the journey to the supermarket or something else. Nevertheless he answered ‘I’ll guide you’ reassuring me in more than one way, ‘Just keep going straight and I’ll let you know when to take a left. We have to go through the entire town but that’s a straight road so don’t worry.’

I drove in silence for a little while but unable as I was to be quiet, I started almost interrogating Hunter about his life. It turned out he was 27, a former lawyer who’d moved here to get away from the corporate world and be around his grandparents. He’d grown up in the city like me but ever since he was young he’d wanted to live at the farm with his grandparents. His parents never allowed it so one day he quit his firm, packed his bags and bought a house here.

‘That’s bold. I don’t think I could ever make a decision like that overnight’ I admitted, ‘But you did.’ he enlightened me ‘You came to live here on your own with what I assume is no plan and even got yourself a puppy without giving it a second thought. So, you’re bold too.’ I smiled and nodded in approval but made sure to mention, ‘I have a plan though. I’m not here just wandering around without a purpose. I have a job, you know?’.

In truth, I did have a job which is what saved me from going crazy thinking about my reality but that didn’t necessarily give me a plan, at least nothing beyond a survival one. He didn’t need to know that though.

‘Okay. So, what do you?’ He enquired, shifting his position and the pup’s -who had decided to take a nap in Hunter’s lap, towards me. ‘I’m a writer. I’m currently writing a book.’ I admitted and his eyes widened as if surprised that that was my job title. ‘I know that look and yes, writing is a job and if done right it pays even better than your lawyer gigs’. ‘Gigs?’ He asked, almost hurt by the word-choice, ‘They are called cases, lady and I don’t know what look you mean. I think your job sounds great. It basically allows you to chill wherever as long as you write your piece. In my book, that’s one of the best jobs there is’. He shrugged, a bit frustrated that I had misinterpreted things. Trying to clear the air, I confessed ‘Sorry…I’m used to people saying the opposite. It’s easy to mock the profession because people think anyone can write but that’s not how it works and even if you can write, it’s hard to get to the point where you’re paid to do it.’

‘Who are these people?’ He asked in disdain. ‘What people?’ I asked, confused. ‘The people that make you feel like you don’t have a ”real” job.’ He clarified and I debated whether to answer or not but decided I could, since it was technically the truth, ‘My parents in general. Friends who have respectable jobs, you know, lawyers, doctors etc.’

‘I’m not like that.’ He admitted and my heart softened, ‘I’m sorry if I gave you that impression. I think your job is as respectable as the ones you just mentioned.’ If my heart hadn’t already melted until this moment, it had now. His words echoed with honesty and even a hint of frustration towards those that thought what I did couldn’t be called a job. I offered him a reassuring smile and admitted to him that, ‘I don’t think you’re like that at all.’

Note: This is the continuation of Morning brainstorm #1,#2,#3,#4 and #5 which you can find on my blog’s homepage. Thank you for reading!

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