Bet on yourself! Not on others

From a young age we start defining ourselves by what other people think and say about us. We change our sense of fashion, the music we listen to and the friends we hang out with to accommodate an image created by others to suit others. We take into consideration what the popular kids say about who we should be and what we should wear, we listen to so-called friends that tell us ‘You shouldn’t wear that, it makes you look like a boy’ or ‘You shouldn’t show off so much, no one likes a know-it-all’. We change our personality and our essence to please people that once upon a time pleased others that made them feel like shit about themselves.

We renew the cycle with each change we make that moves away from our authentic self and we leave behind what makes us special to fit into to a crowd that brings us no positives in life. We succumb to the ‘natural’ order of things instead of breaking the mold and betting on ourselves. It’s hard to stray away from what you’ve always known or thought to be true, but is it worth losing your creativity, talents, personality and unique magic about yourself to please others? Is it really what we should strive towards? Or should we care more about being true to ourselves? We could promote self-love instead of hate, promote intelligence instead of fitting into the ‘smart enough’ mold that doesn’t require us to evolve, we could be greater human beings who support each other.

We could allow the smart kid in our class to continue developing his skills instead of shaming him for being good at Maths.

We could allow the girl that wants to play football to do it and not make her feel like it makes her less of a girl.

We could allow girls and boys to wear whatever they want, pink, blue or black.

We could create decent human beings and nurture people instead of tearing them down if we would just be brave enough to bet on ourselves and not other people’s opinions and social rules.

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