Mistakes are for learning, not repeating…


Mistakes are for learning, not repeating or at least that’s what they say. Still, for some reason we tend to make the same mistake more than once. Sometimes twice and even ten times until we’re certain the outcome won’t be any different. More often than not we don’t want to seem like we’re quitters, people that give up too easily on something or someone that we say is important to us.

We’re scared of abandoning a ship in case there is a 1% chance it won’t sink and we hold on to that 1% until we’ve gone down the rabbit hole so much that it’s hard to get ourselves back afloat. We do that for several reasons: love, blind hope and sometimes loyalty to ourselves and others.

We want to allow the idea of things changing for the better to exist in order to prove that this world isn’t as broken as it seems. And we allow ourselves to hurt, to cry and suffer for people and situations that if just left behind, they would no longer cause us as much harm.

But it’s hard to let go when you’re stubborn and confident in your odds. It’s hard to give up on that 1% chance that everything will turn out to be the way you dreamed it, because who are we if we can’t afford to dream? Who are we if we give up on our dreams?

I’ve wrestled with this conundrum for years and I still can’t find the right answer to balance the scales. I think it’s what makes us human and unique. The incessant need to keep fighting, to keep hoping for a better ending because we’re hopeless dreamers that want to leave the world in a better place than where they found it. We want to be heroes and we want to be remembered by our perseverance and not our cowardness in fighting battles.

But maybe the answer is found in letting go, maybe we can find that dreamland of ours by leaving behind those slim odds of potential success and taking on new chances and new dreams.

I hope we can all aim for new beginnings that lead us to our dreamland.

Note: Thank you for reading today’s post. I was reminded today that there is peace in letting go and that maybe fighting so hard to keep people around me wasn’t the answer to my problems. Hope this article helps someone today to understand that there is more to us as people than fighting for others, sometimes we need to fight for ourselves!

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  1. Gonzov krik iz getribe autizma says:


    Taking on that risk and clinging stubbornly untill it works as intended turning that 1% into a 100% success is what separates men from boys. Immature dudettes from hard working women. Yes it takes wisdom and experience when to bite and not let go but it’s all worth while when in the end you make your point and make your dreams come true. Dreams are that 1%. but only because 99% of the people gave up on theirs. Only true mistake is to go with the flow if the flow is taking you further away from all that is making you eager to wake up in the morning and start another day.


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