You don’t grow when you’re comfortable…


If everything good happened whilst we were in our comfort zone, we would never feel the need to move away from it. We evolve as human beings when we step away from what we’ve always known to something unknown because it’s clear that if we want to dream big we need to move mountains to make them come true.

I decided to move abroad to study, to switch careers and jobs at the last minute in order to follow my dreams and I wasn’t ever 100% comfortable with my decisions, but I made them anyways. I set aside my doubts and fears of things like: where I’ll leave, how much money I’ll make etc, focusing on what really mattered -doing something that made me happy.

In the end if you’re in the right place doing the thing that makes you happy, you will find comfort in it. Branching out and trying new things is the only way you can truly expand your horizons enough that you will accomplish something great.

Often enough you don’t find something you love next to your childhood home and instead you must search for it sometimes across the world. The journey may be hard and at times unbearable, but the reward is worth it.

Trust yourself enough to step out of your comfort zone and live life without any imposed limits. That way you’ll be chasing after your dreams not chasing them away.

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