Do what makes you happy


Despite this being easier said than done, I feel the need to say we SHOULD do what makes us happy without feeling guilty or like we want ‘too much’.

A lot of things don’t make that possible: work, commitments, financial situation, fear…and yet somehow, deep in our heart we feel that need to find our happiness, to live a more peaceful life.

As that feeling gets stronger, some things stop mattering and others become essential in our quest to find something better and more enjoyable.

Don’t be scared, take it all in and use it to drive you forward to what you need. Don’t fear getting that happiness someplace else, somewhere you never thought it possible. That’s the beauty of it and that’s probably why you’re searching for it because it’s not somewhere you are right now.

Find your happiness and find where you belong. Take a few steps in that direction and see how it feels, that will drive you even further. Keep going and don’t give up until you find it!

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