One day you’ll be okay


Perhaps today your soul aches and your heart feels shattered. Perhaps your whole life seems to be falling apart not into place, and things are difficult now, unbearable even.

No one can comfort you and no one can give you what you need because you don’t know what you need. Your body feels tired, left with the bare minimum to just survive and you sit in bed at night wondering when this is all going to be over?

When is the pain going to go? When is your life going to be normal again- Will it be normal again?

You stare into the dark on another sleepless night and you replay every moment that’s led you here. You sigh…and tears flow down your cheeks. You couldn’t have avoided this, you couldn’t have prevented this but, you have to live with it.

Life is not fair, is not well-timed and for some things, for some losses, we will never be ready. We will never be prepared for certain aspects of life but, we are designed to get through them with time, patience, and love.

Today may feel like the end but, it is the beginning of a long healing process. And one day you’ll be able to say you’re okay and mean it.

Until then…breathe. This was not your fault.

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