Don’t stay stuck on the same page


Moving on might sometimes be a breath of fresh air or the scariest thing you’ve ever done. Embracing change might not even seem natural to you because when has anyone liked change? Some thrive on it and some break under its pressure, but regardless of whether we’re prepared for it or not, eventually change happens.

I like to think that change comes easier when we’re the ones initiating the process. When we realise we’re not completely happy with where we’re at or we want something more even new. It’s easier to see things changing when you’ve braced yourself for impact.

We don’t always get to choose when things happen and how they do, but when we can I think we should take the chance given to us and do our best to honour it. Hiding under our bed of fears and preconceptions of the world will not get us anywhere, facing the music will.

Allow yourself to be swept away by life and don’t say ‘no’ too soon. Be patient and allow yourself to discover a new chapter in your story instead of closing the book before your adventure begins. Embrace change. Be change. Allow yourself to move on to the next chapter and enjoy every minute of it! Don’t remain stuck on the same page, otherwise, you’ll always wonder what could’ve been.

January is a good time for new beginnings so, if an opportunity presents itself and you think it might be a good fit, take it and see what happens!

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