Trust the process


A process of change can get hard and claustrophobic when you’re not sure of where things are going and how they’re going to develop in your favour or if they’re ever going to do so.

You’re supposed to trust the wait and yet you feel like you’re wasting time that you should be using to figure out something else because you don’t have the faith in yourself to trust the process and where it may lead you. On the one hand, you want to give life your all, putting your heart and soul into a project you believe in but, on the other hand, you’re the first one to question it when some time has passed without any success.

This happens a lot when we set unrealistic goals for ourselves in unrealistic timeframes for so long. We get accustomed to seeing things fail because we aimed for the moon and things didn’t happen for us. We should always aim high but we should also do our research and try from different angles if things don’t work out from one.

We’re very used to giving up because we got rejected at some point and the truth is rejection happens all the time in our lives but, we are more willing to take it from someone that doesn’t impact our bank account and future prospects. Nevertheless, rejection is a hard pill to swallow and it makes us insecure in our abilities and talents.

Even if it seems like things are going nowhere if you’ve put the wheels in motion for a change, trust the waiting time. Don’t immediately jump to conclusions and think you’ve failed. Good things take time and if you’ve given it your all, the best thing you can do is trust your project, trust your work to come to fruition. Remember, you have to be your biggest fan, no one out there will cheer you on like you can.

And when you’re facing massive changes in life, embrace the uncertainty of not knowing yet where it’s going to take you. Embrace the unknown and with it enjoy the beauty of the journey.

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