My Etsy Shop is Open + a 20% discount for my followers ❤❤❤

Good morning everyone😊,

Today is an exciting day for me as one of my biggest projects of the year is finally coming to life. My amazing Etsy Shop launched a few days ago and today I wanted to tell you all about it and show you what I’ve been working on for months!

As some of you know I left a teaching career mid-year as my mental health had taken a really bad hit and I struggled to even get myself out of bed most days. I took the difficult decision to resign and became a Freelancer which BTW, I am loving😍 because I wanted to dedicate myself to things that made me happy and joyful.

One of those things was my Etsy Shop.

I realised if I was going to succeed as a Freelancer I needed to be highly organised and manage my time effectively so that a. I didn’t burn out again and b. I had an idea of what the heck I was doing each day. I had just embarked on a journey that was taking me in a million directions and I needed to sit down and organise my projects within reasonable timeframes (unlike in teaching😅).

That was how my first product idea came to be and even though I have so many others I felt this one was the one I should start with because it’s a tool anyone can use to organise themselves and make time for those projects you’re always thinking of starting but never do.

My digital planners are available in 7 different colours and 2 different sizes! You can buy them separately if you only tend to use a daily planner for example but, I’ve also got a bundle of Daily/Weekly/Monthly planners that come with a set of note pages.

I am offering my followers 20% off between June 11th and June 13th as a thank you for all the support this community has given me since I began blogging.

I’ve always loved writing and being creative. This blog has given me the chance of doing those things over the years and nurtured my passions when I felt there was no room for them in my life. I wanted to say thank you to my community who support this blog and my writing, especially those people that have followed me for a long time or have liked every post I’ve ever written.

Thank you!🥰 I worked on my Etsy Shop with the thought of helping people start off their projects and my digital planners are a representation of what I’ve always believed. If you write something down you are more likely to do it and as the person that has been encouraging you for years to start projects, take chances and trust yourselves more I hope this tool comes in handy.

The planners are available as digital products however, you can print them and use them on paper (which is I what I do) or write on them online and keep track of your day like that. There’s more information in my shop on each product’s description and you can always message me on Etsy with any questions. 😊

Last but not least…

Use the code SUMMER20BYCWS when you checkout and click here to look at the entire product range.

Remember the code is only available between June 11th and June 13th!

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