We cannot become who we want to be by remaining unchanged


Evolution in its essence means change and a process of growth. Just like anything else in this world we must also evolve at some point and leave behind parts of us that no longer serve us.

We don’t grow in our comfort zone and as hard as it may be to progress in life by leaving a part of us behind, it is all a part of becoming who we want to be.

Sometimes we have certain habits and routines embedded deeply into our brains that have probably stopped serving a purpose for awhile now, but we keep holding on to them and giving them space in our day to day lives because we don’t know any other way.

We’re scared of change and of trying something new because even though our methods may not work as well as they should, they still work and we’re reluctant to change them for something more successful out of pure fear.

Fear is a powerful driver and its one of the things that keeps us in the same place for the longest time. Fear of what could happen, of what would change, of the potential consequences of trying to evolve. Anything and everything we can think of, we project onto the potential of something new and we allow change to get constantly delayed.

Eventually, we realise that needs to stop. We cannot become better by remaining in the same place where our comfort zone simply puts us in a bubble and keeps us in place. The bubble needs to burst and we need to be brave and embrace change, grow alongside it and expand our horizons. We must leave fear behind and not allow it to dominate us.

But first, we must realise we’re doing all this internal thinking and projecting so many fears onto ourselves. Only after, can we actually begin tackling the real change.

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