Acknowledge the past but don’t let it become your present


In our quest of searching for answers in our past or patterns that we wish to now avoid, we often get lost in what our life used to be like.

The reminiscing of memories and moments that impacted our life in a positive or negative way become a habit and we get trapped in a vicious circle of trying to avoid our past mistakes but still making them.

One’s past can be complicated and by revisiting it too often we only make it harder for ourselves to live in the now. Regrets and what ifs? make it nearly impossible for us to live in the present even though that might be the one thing we’re searching for.

The past is filled with a lot of answers but as anything else that we consume too much of, the past can become addictive and harmful to us. Going back to it too often puts us in the uncomfortable position of being unable to move on when we often confront our pasts for that exact reason, to move on.

I take a few minutes each day to check in with myself and make sure that I’m living in the now, exploring feelings and emotions that I feel in that moment not that I felt years ago.

Reflecting on the past isn’t a bad thing, but it’s important we remember to also live in the present. There is nothing in the past we can change, but we can shape a better today for us and an even brighter future if that’s what we want.

So, take this post as a reminder to check in with yourself and give your past a break. Come back to it from time to time but, make yourself a promise that you will try to live more in the present rather than in the yesterdays. You owe it to yourself to try and heal from the things that pained you and still haunt you today and although it isn’t a short process, start by enjoying the small things like the fact you get another day on Earth to help you heal.

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