You know deep down where you want to go


Sometimes we fool ourselves into thinking we don’t know where we want our lives to go to dissuade our minds from trying to follow a path we’re actually scared of stepping on.

However, deep down in our hearts we know exactly what we want. We might’ve just allowed fear and other people’s opinions to scare us away from our dreams but, we can still put things right.

Self-sabotage is a common method people use to discourage the possibility of something working out by simply focusing on the potential consequences and all the things that could go wrong.

It’s a self-defense mechanism put in place to protect us from disappointment but also keep us in our comfort zone, safe and sound.

It’s often that people don’t see the side effects of such a mechanism and how it can take over every small decision in your life with the pursuit of “protecting you” instead of allowing you to explore life and get things wrong once in a while.

Instead of self-sabotaging ourselves and putting ourselves in a bubble where “nothing can hurt us”, we must find ways to get comfortable with a different path. A path that honours our dreams but also comforts our fears, a path set out by our heart, not our self-sabotaging persona.

Choose a path that feels both challenging but also comforting, then you will know you’re not settling for too little and you’re feeling okay a little bit outside of your comfort zone. Follow your heart and you’ll arrive just where you need to be.

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