If it’s your calling it will keep calling you


If it’s your calling it will keep calling you…and how right this quote is.

Things that I’ve always put off, have a way of coming back to me through time asking me to give my dream a chance again and again.

Previously, when something important to me didn’t work out I always saw it as the end of that particular journey.

Reflecting on the past made me realise that if it’s something that you’re meant to be doing it will sneak back into your life at some point.

If you’re meant to do something that something will keep on appearing in your life when you least expect it. That should be a signal for you that it’s clearly an issue you’re passionate about and an internal desire in your subconscious otherwise it wouldn’t occupy as much space as it does.

So, think about the patterns in your life, what keeps coming back to you even when you’ve quit so many times? That’s probably something important to you.

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