Created in Canva.

I say this a lot but, there are times I forget about it or rather I forget that this advice applies to me as well.

Persevering has always been my thing, I’ve always tried to beat the odds, to exceed expectations and do something so unexpected it would surprise even me.

However, there are times I find myself in a low mood or in a place that is going too slow for my expectations and I forget to persevere.

It is when things are slow and even look never-ending that we’ve got to persevere. Keep walking in the direction chosen, keep thriving to get your business afloat or your dream job. Just keep going.

It’s so important to pause when we feel like we’re stuck and reflect. Reflect on what’s going well and what isn’t, to find out where we need to put our energy.

What needs changing, developing and dropping?

Progressing in its essence is persevering. You do not progress by quitting or by staying in the same place, you progress by persevering and not giving up.

So, persevere, keep going and remind yourself why you started this. Remind yourself why you’ve chosen this path and not another one that maybe looked more appealing or easier. Remind yourself of your goal and keep walking towards it. It might be closer than you realise.

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