Give yourself permission to dream big

It may sound silly but until recently I have always held back from things I enjoyed.

I always found an excuse to not start a project, work on a hobby I enjoyed or follow a dream simply because I was scared.

I was terrified to fail, to waste money, time, and resources on a pipe dream and I chose not to dream big out of fear.

If I didn’t actually try I couldn’t lose, right? Right…but what I didn’t realize was that I also couldn’t win.

I spent so much time telling myself what a mistake it would be to quit my job and start a business that I ended up believing my own lies and keeping my dream hidden away.

I suppose today, I feel like the stars are more aligned, I’m more at peace with my decisions and I’ve gotten to the point where I am able to dream big but that wasn’t always the case. I had a lot of fear stepping into uncharted territories but something about using my creative skills to make a useful product made me eventually step over that crippling anxiety.

Now, that my business is open and I have seen some success from it, I realize how foolish it was of me to not allow myself to dream big, or perhaps to dream at all…

I know there will be challenges along the way and making this business a success will be tough, but I’m glad I’ve at least given myself the chance to try and discover a new way of doing things. A way with more freedom, creativity, and happiness.

If you would like to know more about what drove me towards opening my own business, head over to my Etsy Shop’s about page.

We also have a 40% OFF Sale running on all items in the shop, if you’re interested. You can see a few of the products in the gallery below.

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