Start something new #Monday

Created in Canva

Like any other Monday, I feel inspired by the beginning of the week. Mondays just have a different feeling than all the other days of the week.

They make me feel serious and ready to get into something new right away. There is just an added percentage of energy on a Monday to get things done and I love it!

Mondays used to be dreadful for me, but I can see now they’re full of opportunities if I want to grab them.

This is a reminder I suppose about putting all your energy into starting something TODAY that you’ve been avoiding for a long time but you’re really passionate about.

Even if the journey ahead is hard an full of work, you’ll feel better knowing that you’ve finally given it a chance and started walking towards your goal.

There is no better day to start working on your dreams than Mondays.

Give them a spin for the positive if you find Mondays dreadful and do something new that will brighten up your day.

As the weather gets gloomier, the sun disappears earlier find something that brings light into your soul, light into your day-to-day activities. You will thank yourself for that beacon of hope that you’ve given yourself in the long run.

You may not see the benefits of starting something new on October 24th, but at some point in 2023 you’ll be grateful you’ve given it a go. There isn’t anything special about today, not unless you make it so. Beginnings are often difficult but why not begin a project or a journey on a day like today? Where there is no pressure and there isn’t an expectation of anything. It’s just October 24th.

Think on that today and let me know if you’ve decided to start something new in the comments! You can also subscribe below to my blog for more posts like this.

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