Let life surprise you #Monday

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Happy Halloween, everyone and Happy Monday!

I woke up this morning feeling extremely hopeful and positive about the start of a new week.

I was looking at my stats this weekend to see how the blog was performing and I’ve realised how much progress I’ve made in 2022.

There is obviously a lot of time left of this year, however, I wanted to see how things had progressed because when you look at stats on a daily basis you tend to miss out on the bigger picture.

You might not have as many views this week or this month but overall, things might look better than the previous year.

I think that is what happened to me because when I looked at my stats from this year, I was extremely surprised and a bit shocked at how well my posts had done. There is an increase of over 150% from last year‘s views, visits, and likes but for some reason that caught me by surprise.

I intended to improve this year and be more consistent, sometimes I managed to do that, other times I failed but overall, I can see a massive change in performance and that puts a smile on my face today. I plan on doing a comparison between 2021 and 2022 in late December to fully celebrate but, I’m glad I got a peek at what that post will look like.

Sometimes in life we might be in a dark place or want to give up on our dreams, but this is proof we shouldn’t. This year has been extremely difficult and life-changing for me but this is one of the things I will take with me in the next year. The hardship and pain will remain a memory but the success and positivity will stay with me and be carried on into 2023.

So, stay positive today and allow life to surprise you!

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