Focus on the now #Monday


More often than not we get so caught up in our goals and dreams that we forget about the now. We focus on what we want to achieve and lose sight of the small steps we need to take to get there. It’s often the number one cause of our frustration when things don’t go our way.

Why can’t I just make more money? Why am I not getting the results I want? Why is it taking so long? These are questions we ask ourselves and ironically, we can find the answer in them if we just look hard enough.

Why am I not making more money? The focus is on the end result.

Why am I not getting the results I want? The focus is on the end result.

Why is it taking so long? The focus is on the end result.

None of these questions we ask ourselves have as a focus the now, the step right in front of us that needs to be taken in order to get closer to our goals. We just focus on the journey’s end, where we want to get, and why it’s not materialising sooner.

Success is a ladder or a staircase we must climb step by step. Focusing on each small part of the process and celebrating every bit of success on the way to the top is likely to get us better results in the long run. We need to be less results-driven and more present with our current situation. You can’t make time move faster and make yourself richer, famous, or successful but you can put in the work and focus on what needs to be done now so that one day you do reach the top.

I have often fallen prey to this as well and recently I’ve been feeling a bit disappointed because things haven’t necessarily worked out the way I wanted or as fast as I wanted. What helped me was to reflect on the past and the small victories along the way and I realised just how much I’ve progressed in the last six months.

We sometimes forget where we started but it’s good to take a look back to remember why you started so that you can motivate yourself to keep going instead of giving up.


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