Approach your goals gently (#Monday Motivation)


As much as I wanted to get this blog post out last week, I couldn’t😓. I was out of the country for over a week and I just couldn’t spare a minute to breathe much less write. But I am BACK and this post is the perfect one to write after a bit of a break.

I’ve talked a lot about following your dreams and pushing yourself toward what you want without fear but also about being gentle with yourself and patient in your journey. I suppose these two concepts finally intertwine in this picture and I couldn’t agree more with that message if I tried.

When I woke up this morning, I felt my brain being swarmed with things I needed to do and ideas bouncing left and right about how to get them done as fast as possible in order to be able to work on the things that really matter to me. This sort of thing has become the norm in my life and I’ve realized just how much I dislike that.

I put an extreme amount of pressure on myself to meet my goals within impossible timelines and I get frustrated and angry at myself if I don’t meet a deadline. I forget that I am human and that I have other responsibilities besides growing my small businesses. I also forget Rome wasn’t built in a day and that even if today I did more housework than work for my business I am still on track.

Small steps every day are what can get us to our goal, not erratic big steps that end up bringing us down and hating ourselves for not doing better at other times. So, approach your goals gently and with confidence each day. Don’t allow your negative thoughts to get the best of you and celebrate every small thing you achieve.

Being happy about something as small as making a pound or a dollar a day in a growing business has given me some of the best boosts of my life and on days like today when I feel overwhelmed, I like to remind myself of those pounds I made last week because that is the product of the hard work I’ve put in. It is the product of consistency and small steps each day that I’ve taken since opening each shop and not of some major success I’ve had overnight.

Working on our goals will have its ups and downs. Some days or weeks will be bright like a summer day sunshine and others might be gloomy and dark but it’s up to us to balance things out a bit and bring some of that brightness into each day. It is in the gloomiest of days that we must put an emphasis on being gentle with ourselves and put in some extra work into reassuring ourselves that we’re doing okay and that things are on track even if they’re moving slowly.

Take charge of this part of your life, don’t let the dark days consume you. Instead, give yourself more kindness on those days, more understanding, and more support. Be gentle and caring, that’s the only way you will get to where you need to be and surround yourself with people that make you feel the same way. It’s important you get the support you need on your journey to success, so pick the people around you wisely.


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