Use your energy to create and grow


As someone that worries like it’s a full-time job, I know how difficult it is to let go of that anxiety about the world, your life and your future. I’ve had a few weeks now spent worrying that my business isn’t doing very well, thinking I must be failing at something and that’s why things aren’t working out and this morning, I said to myself: I’m not going to check if I’ve made any sales, let’s just come up with a new product to sell and eventually the sales will come.

Well…to my disbelief as I sat down to start creating a new template for my shop I saw I made a sale and then an hour later another sale popped up and I couldn’t believe it. All these past few days I’ve spent being miserable, refreshing my shop’s dashboard praying and hoping for a sale and nothing but when I’m ready to use my energy to create a new product instead of worrying about the rest, I make not one but two sales.

Now I know what you’re going to say…it was a coincidence. Perhaps it was but maybe it wasn’t. I realized that it’s okay to want sales and success but not to spend hours refreshing a page just hoping it happens. I know (logically) that having more products in my shop increases my chances of visibility and sales but this morning I realized my attitude towards all of this does too.

Maybe instead of spending time worrying about what’s not happening, I’d best work on the next product or on tweaking my current ones so eventually they do sell. Sitting in front of my computer moping around has not brought me anything but demoralization. So, I’m happy to try this new way of doing things and actually put my energy where it can help my future self not where it further perpetuates that low mood I’ve been experiencing.

It’s something I would like to take into 2023 with me. Throughout this year, I have given up a lot of negative habits that have stopped serving me in any way, but there is so much more I’ve holding onto that isn’t of use anymore. I will take the next few days to reflect upon this and next Monday I will most likely do a post on everything I’ve learned in 2022 and my goals for 2023. There’s going to be a lot so make sure to come back next week and read it!

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