Things to start in the New Year


I would like to start by wishing everyone a Happy New Year before I dive into the first post of 2023🥳🥳🥳. I hope you had a great time with friends and family and were able to reflect on everything you’ve achieved in 2022.

As humans, we have a tendency to plan ahead a lot when January comes around. Goals that were long forgotten suddenly resurface, dreams that we put on hold become once again ignited and we tend to overwhelm ourselves with the endless possibilities of a new year.

Having these thoughts at the beginning of a new year is completely normal, and I like to think that if a particular idea or dream comes up year after year, it is something worth investing time in. After all, your brain is trying to tell you something, I know mine certainly did for the past few years and in 2022 I began listening to it. It was the best thing I ever did.

A new year offers us a fresh start and the boost in motivation we need to begin something we’ve longed for. However, in the same way, that this boost brings us to new highs, it takes us right back down to new lows when we don’t achieve our goals in a matter of weeks.

January is like a twisted knife, one side of it offers you comfort and safety – helping you follow your dreams more easily whilst the other side can cut very deep and hurt you – usually when you’ve set yourself goals (that are most likely impossible) that you haven’t achieved and suddenly consider quitting again or pausing things.

We treat January like a magical month and when it doesn’t produce a miracle for us, we give up because “maybe it’s not the right time” or “maybe it was a mistake” but the truth is we haven’t allowed enough time to pass to see any real change.

Instead of telling ourselves that we’re going to do amazing things this year and quit by February or March because we didn’t think things through let’s just commit to working on our dreams in 2023. Working towards what we want and exploring what we love as well as what brings us joy is more important than a 1-month experiment. It sets the foundation for something great so that when you reach December again you’ll be able to clearly see the path you’ve paved along the way.

Working on our dreams means accepting that some days are going to be rubbish, and some days we’re going to fail and want to quit but the key to it all is we don’t quit. We persevere, reflect, and improve ourselves. Learning is the best way to advance toward our dreams.

Realizing there is no magic to January or 2023 specifically will help us ease the pressure of having to make a miracle happen when perhaps we’re just surviving at the moment. I’d like to encourage you to look at the image attached to this article and consider the options you see there. Activities that will help your mindset, mood, and well-being – which you can do in order to be better prepared for the challenges lying ahead.

Choose something that you enjoy and let that be your refugee when you have a setback or don’t meet an impossible deadline. Allow that activity or hobby to be your safe space where you can regroup and start again when you’re ready. Give yourself something to look forward to even when times are tough and you will get through January but also many more months to come. Work on your dreams with a level head and leave behind the idea that January is such a miraculous month. It will help you achieve your goals a lot faster.

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  1. isteb22 says:

    Beautifully stated, I agree. January 1 is not the only magical day , everyday is! Now you know my goal…..I want to stay in the present and enjoy today’s gifts as they come and share when I can. Thank you for your post!

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    1. DGs says:

      Thanks for reading! I’m glad it resonated with you. I hope you can stay in the present and enjoy life at its fullest, because you’re right everyday IS magical. We just forget that sometimes.

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  2. isteb22 says:

    Well it’s my goal for sure but, I have already started over 3 times and am calling this my goal in practice. I caught 2 past regrets and 1 future trip today already but at least I’m catching them and putting back in the designated place quickly and back to the present of today and its gifts. You helped me earlier even come up with this, so today you were one of my gifts. Thank you 🙂


  3. DGs says:

    Glad I could be of some help! I know living in the now is difficult ( I have a tendency of looking back at the past too much at times) but the fact that you notice when you start thinking about the past or the future too much and are working towards correcting that, is what matters. Well done!

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