It’s the little things


When you’re going through a tough time there are some things that make you genuinely feel better. They may not solve a problem or offer a lifetime of comfort but for just a little bit of time, they make you feel better. Once a crisis has been averted and things are beginning to settle down again, I think it’s important that you keep paying it forward. Something small that made you feel better, might also help others struggling.

If someone paid you a compliment when you felt down or hugged you and told you they were there for you, imagine what it would feel like for others to hear that as well, when those things really comforted you in your time of need?

I think it’s important to give once we ourselves have received support because little things like that really do make a difference and even if someone doesn’t voice it you will know it’s appreciated.

Smiling doesn’t cost a thing, hugging someone that’s upset doesn’t cost a thing and little things like that can go a long way. Your kindness can really support someone through a rough time the same way others supported you.

So, take today to give something as simple as a smile or a hug to someone you think might really need it!


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