It’s okay to outgrow your old self

What growth is and isn’t

What is growth? If not a messy journey that takes us through heaven and hell simultaneously and eventually delivers us to our destination. I like this quote here because every other quote makes growth sound like a fairy tale journey, magical and beautiful when in reality it’s full of ups and downs, tears, hard work,…

I am still learning

I’ve always loved the saying “Every day ‘s a school day” because it reminds me that we don’t need to be in an institution to keep on learning. It also reminds me that we spend our whole lives as learners, discovering ourselves and those around us, and perhaps leave this world still not knowing who…

Nothing changes if nothing changes

Reinventing our thinking process, our approach to what life presents us with is how REAL change will occur. Sitting by and having life pass you by won’t do you any favours. Take life into your own hands and do with it as you please. Don’t wait for things to happen to you, MAKE them happen.