He begged in the end… (MB #16)

For the next few days, I engaged in a routine some would deem boring and almost unbearable. I woke up everyday ready for a new day, took care of feeding Loki and played with him as often as I could in the patio. Hunter had brought Thor back from the farm as well, so I was able to enjoy both their companies. He had cleared my cottage and taken all of my belongings to Nora’s, and returned my car to the rental company I’d used. For all reasons and purposes, the trace of my existence here had been erased with Hunter being my only contact to the outside world besides Nora, who had started writing me letters so no one could intercept our calls.

Hunter spent his days at the farm, sometimes coming home early because he was scared something would happen to me in his absence, whilst I spent my days writing chapters for my book, reading and attempting to cook him a decent dinner. Our nights, unlike those from the couples in the movies, were known for the time we spent researching the current developments of James’ murder case and investigating every potential angle to prove my innocence. We’d had no luck coming up with something solid about the people behind everything, all the information I had on them was based on the last conversation he and I had before he disappeared. He’d broken down in tears over the things he’d done for the power they promised him, actions that had cost other people’s lives and would cost him our own. He’d said they’re coming for me, you need to go before they do and in a moment of fear, I fled days later when he didn’t come home anymore. I left him a note, which he never got to read but was probably in the possession of the police now, telling him I forgave him and I loved him even if he’d stopped.

Every night I went to bed, I played that conversation in my head searching for a clue that would help me find what I needed on these people and every night I failed, falling asleep only when I exhausted every possible way of looking at that memory. I walked Hunter through those moments several times but we both came up short of answers each and every time.

Before the clock hit noon, I started preparing a snack for the dogs and I to enjoy in the garden when Thor started barking at the front door. It was too early for Hunter to be back, the earliest he’d arrived was still after three or four in the evening. It couldn’t be him or anyone who knew I was here…they knew better. Panic struck me as I opened the door and a young woman waiting on the front porch greeted me as soon as she saw me. Thor barked at her in an unfriendly manner and my skin prickled with fear, ‘Can I help you?’ I asked, not moving an inch. ‘Hi, yes! You must be Mia. Hunter said you might need some company.’ She greeted me with enthusiasm and her long slick hair shining in the sunlight and flowery dress made me think she looked like the perfect small-town housewife.

Confused and suspicious of her I asked her, ‘I’m sorry, who are you? and what did Hunter say to you exactly? I sounded defensive and perhaps even fearful but Hunter had never mentioned anyone stopping by and with Thor growling by my side I wasn’t too sure I shouldn’t be. ‘I’m a friend of Hunter’s, Serena. My boyfriend has been friends with him since they were kids. He got a call from Hunter this morning saying you might want some company for a change. We don’t have to hang out of course, but I wanted to make sure I came by.’ Unsure of what to say or do, I lied, ‘I was actually on my way out with the dogs, so I can’t entertain any company I’m afraid.’ giving her a smile at the end so if she was telling the truth she didn’t feel like I was actually telling her to leave, she bought my excuse.

‘Oh that’s okay! Sorry for the bad timing.’ She apologised and I waved her off saying, ‘Not a problem’. ‘I’ll let you go then. Do you mind if I use your bathroom for a minute, though? I walked here and my house is about twenty minutes away.’ she said almost embarrassed, almost. ‘Sure…’ I agreed, not feeling like I had a choice or knew what excuse to use for this particular moment. ‘Thanks, I’ll just be a second.’ She said, happily coming through the door as Thor continuously barked at her. If she was Hunter’s friend, chances were she’d met Thor before. I couldn’t wrap my head around his behaviour since he’d warmed up to me so quickly. How could he dislike someone he supposedly knew for years?

‘So, where is it?’ Serena asked confused, laughing at her own stupidity. ‘Where is what?’ I asked playing her game, ‘The bathroom of course.’ she replied, and in that moment I smiled at her, directing her to the first room on the right upstairs and preparing myself to be taken the moment she came back. A friend would have known Thor and where the bathroom in the house was. Hunter himself would have mentioned a friend coming over, which led me to think she wasn’t who she said she was and my time in this house was about to end. I had about a minute before she came back from the bathroom so I ran to the kitchen and wrote Hunter a note. Despite his protests, I led Thor to the patio and closed the door to separate us. His unhappiness showed as he started barking louder, knowing I was probably in danger. I didn’t want to risk the dogs’ lives since this person was probably armed so, I put them to safety and waited for Serena to come down the stairs.

‘How did you find me?’ I asked, as soon as she came down and her strong stair hit me. She didn’t look like she wanted to leave and she wouldn’t be if I was right about her. She laughed and her hand reached to her thigh, pulling a gun at my head whilst the dogs started barking louder and louder. ‘It was the bathroom question, wasn’t it?’ She asked amused by me and not at all scared since she was the one holding the gun. ‘Dead giveaway. I’m afraid.’ I smirked and she moved towards me in a flash taking my arm in a strong grip, ‘I’ll give you something to be afraid of, maybe something similar to what we did to James.’ She threatened and in that moment I knew alive wasn’t a word that could describe me for long. ‘You know…his last words were about you. He kept crying and begging us not to hurt you.’ she mocked and came closer to my ear to whisper, ‘I promise your death will be a lot faster than that’.

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