Bad days…


Don’t let a bad day determine your future or the end of your dreams. We all have days where we struggle to get out of bed, where we can’t see the purpose of what we’re doing or we simply can’t see the results outweigh the effort we’ve put into things.

Feeling like this is normal, days like these are NORMAL. Life has struggles, bumps and moments where we feel like nothing is worth it. Going through them without making any rash decisions is the way forward.

We may feel like giving up on something because we’re upset about something else and waiting for things to cool off to make a final decision should be how we go about handling situations.

Important decisions should always be made with a cool head, in a state where we’re able to weigh in the PROs and CONs of a situation, not when we’re in a state where we can’t see a way out except quitting. You must be able to think about consequences and benefits in the long run not only the satisfaction in the moment.

So, when you get one of those days where you know you’re not rational enough to make decisions, don’t make them. Give yourself time to process things in the moment and don’t rush. You can always quit tomorrow if that is really what you want.

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