Dip your Mondays in glitter and sparkle all day


Mondays don’t need to have such a negative air about them. We, as a society, have made Mondays hated and joyless because they take away our weekend and the opportunity of having more time off. In my case, Mondays have started to affect my Sundays as well, making me worried and stressed about what is to come even though I’m still in the weekend. In my profession, they call this the Sunday dread.

However, today I want to focus on what I want my Mondays to look like when I’m done with my current career and this quote sums it up, nicely.

I want to dip my future Mondays in glitter and sparkle all day, I want to feel carefree and powerful like I finally run my own destiny, but most of all I want to feel like it’s okay for it to be Monday. I don’t want the thought of Mondays to depress me anymore and have me crying from how stressed I am to the point I feel physically sick and struggle to go to work.

I want to wake up groggy but, thankful that I am here in this world and see each Monday as well as any other day as a good opportunity to shine. I’m tired of crying in a hidden corner, I want to be walking in the sun with a smile plastered on my face because of the work that I’m doing.

I want my Mondays to be exciting and purposeful not the beginning of a horrendous week where I am counting down each and every one of these days until the weekend and until the end of my contract. I want Mondays to mean something positive because for so long they’ve carried the weight of my fears and anxieties. I want Mondays to be freeing, because I’m doing something meaningful not just ticking off the days until the weekend.

I can’t wait for my Mondays to feel like this quote. If yours already do, please take a moment today to appreciate that! If your Mondays are like, keep going until you can change things and regain control over each day of the week.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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