This is my time!


Something I’ve learned since deciding to change careers this year and through the past few months of trying to find myself is that I’m constantly evolving, growing, and expanding my horizons. A little while back, I felt constricted, trapped in what I thought was the only way of living and now I feel I’m getting more and more comfortable with the idea of having some freedom to choose what comes next.

I’ve always desired more freedom since I’ve always had to meticulously think of my every step and knowing I’m stepping out of my comfort zone now is making me feel so much better. It’s a new feeling of hope that I thought I had lost but also mixed with a feeling I cannot really explain filled with excitement, eagerness, and calm. It’s the first time amidst all the chaos I feel like actually, things might work out for me and things will fall into place for me.

I’ve had time to adjust to the idea of giving up what I’m doing now and moving forward without so many restrictions. In the beginning, it seemed like the worst idea in the world and that I was setting myself up to fail. Now, I’ve come to realise that that was just the fear in me talking inflicted by those that wanted to keep me where I was for their own benefit.

With time, I realised that I had a good chance of succeeding, but I was scared because others were projecting their own fears upon me as well as their negative opinions. I still hear and see people trying to convince me that where I’m at now is great and there isn’t anything else I could do, but now instead of doubting myself and allowing them to manipulate me into staying I just smile, nod, and continue thinking of the last day at my current job which is slowly approaching.

By the end of July, I will be free and that is my focus. I am glad I woke up from the spell these people had put on me and I can see things so clearly now. I am glad I started thinking differently and allowed myself to question things around me because now it feels even better to know I’m going and leaving a toxic environment.

So, if you are starting something new and you see things aligning in your favour, let that be the sign that tells you, you are in the right mindset, you are taking the right steps and you are on track to achieve everything you wanted.

Don’t be afraid of these signs. Embrace them and enjoy your road towards freedom..

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