Shift your energy towards what you can control (#Monday Motivation)


It is human nature to worry endlessly about the things we cannot change. We sometimes give ourselves a hard time for words we should’ve said, actions we should’ve done, or thoughts we should’ve had in the past, making ourselves miserable for the present things we can’t control.

We do it in the hope of never making that mistake again, but we don’t realise how much time is wasted on the uncontrollable instead of on the work we can actually do. It’s good to set reminders on a daily basis that the past is there not to be rehashed every half an hour but to guide us into the future with more wisdom than we had back then.

Worrying about what we can’t control is not going to change our past experiences, but shifting our energy towards something more productive might just change our future ones. Leave the worrying aside for those parts of your life you cannot change and charge ahead with all you’ve got towards the work you can do to have a better future.

Focus on the now, on the things you can create for yourself, your family, your career, etc. Leave the uncontrollable to the side, and enjoy the present work you’re doing. Don’t allow the things you cannot change to prevent you from evolving into something beautiful.

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