Thank you 2022 (A Retrospective on this year)


2022…what a year! I feel like if I were, to sum up, this year in one word it would be: unreal

This time last year, I was recovering from work-related stress and writing about how much I wanted to find a new path and leave a job that made me extremely unhappy, in 2022. I went through many phases at the beginning of the year and reading back through some of my posts I could sense my emotional and mental state decline as more time went by.

I had started hopeful in January but the job and impossible working conditions made me feel more and more depressed, taking me back to a leave of absence that in May turned into a permanent break as I took on a new chapter in my life and left teaching for good.

I experienced a lot of mixed feelings about the situation, relief because I could finally breathe again and live a better life but, also sadness for what I had lost and the emotional damage endured with no consequences for those that inflicted it. As much as the situation was painful it was also my breakthrough point.

I finally stepped outside my comfort zone, reflected on my dreams and hopes, and started to choose my next endeavors with my happiness in mind. I started going on walks and connecting with nature more, I picked up running and have now reached a point where I can run for 8km straight without stopping, I began creating again and reading books. I allowed myself the freedom to explore what I wanted to do next without the urge to jump into the next big thing just because of financial stability.

I had a freelance job for a bit which gave me a bit of security and helped me get through the toughest months but eventually that work stopped and I was left to decide on the next steps. I’m not going to lie, when that security blanket was taken away from me I panicked. I panicked for like two months, desperate to figure out what to do for money and how I could make things work.

Eventually, I realized I wanted to grow my business and that for now money would be scarce but accepting the help of my partner was the right thing to do in order to build something from scratch. Receiving help is difficult for someone that has been financially independent for most of her adult life. It was hard to say yes to my partner’s help but once I did, I freed myself from the ongoing stress I endured because I wasn’t bringing in money.

Now, I’ve decided to stop being with one foot in and one foot out the door in my businesses and actually dedicate 2023 to growing these. It’s my dream, it’s what makes me happy and as much as I’ve tried, I’ve not been able to get this idea out of my head that this is what I am meant to be doing now. This is my path and this is where I need to put all of my energy.

My shops have been making extremely great progress and it’s time I dedicate myself to them. I’m so happy to say that since I began my shop sharing teaching resources I have made over 130 sales and my Etsy Shop is finally picking up with just one purchase away from hitting 20 sales – which may not seem like a lot to people but I had plateaued at 12 sales for over a month and had started losing faith in myself over succeeding, however, a sudden boost in sales has brought back my enthusiasm.

It feels amazing and I have high hopes for both of my shops in 2023 but this boost in sales recently has made me confident in my design skills, my products, and overall in myself. Finally, this blog has been one of the greatest joys this year!

2022 was the year I said ENOUGH to a lot of things and one of them was to being an inconsistent blogger. I was tired of seeing amazing results for a few months when I had time to write, and then terrible stats for the rest of the year. I decided to take blogging more seriously and allow this to become a safe space for me to talk about the difficult times but also a platform to motivate others to do what they loved.

In 2022, I tripled my views and likes, quadrupled my number of visitors, and published over 140 posts. I am in awe at how much progress I have made and the consistency I was able to keep this year. Yes, there were weeks perhaps when I didn’t post or missed a certain opportunity to blog but overall, I consistently posted throughout this year whether it was simply a quote or an article written by me.

I made of all of these amazing stats come true through my work and I couldn’t be more proud. Thank you to the 440+ people that follow my posts, those that like every single one of my posts, and especially those that comment and encourage me to keep writing. I am extremely grateful for each and one of you.

2023 will be filled with similar content and you can expect a post every single Monday. I have been trialing this since the end of October and it’s really helped me blog more consistently. I will still talk about following your dreams and write motivational posts but if there’s something you’d like to see featured in my blog please comment below. I’d love to hear your ideas.

Last but not least, I wish you my dear readers a new year filled with joy, happiness, and achievements. I hope you find what you’re looking for and are successful in all of your projects. I can’t wait to begin the new year and work on my goals. I hope you keep following my journey in 2023 and join me in this crazy ride of finding myself in a chaotic world that is finally starting to feel right.

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