Stop being so hard on yourself


I love today’s quote beyond belief!

I was always so sure that if I put unrealistic expectations on myself I would eventually meet them. Even if they made me miserable and depressed all the time, the hard work would eventually pay off, but it didn’t.

Being hard on myself didn’t work towards making me feel better or achieve more. It only made me dislike more and more things about myself and pile on extra things I needed to be better at in order to be “successful”.

How wrong was I?

The only time I’ve ever felt successful and good about myself has been when I’ve given myself room to fail, to get things wrong and to reasonably work on a solution.

Giving myself the space to say “I don’t think I like this” or “I don’t think working this hard is feasible” really opened up a world of possibilities. I realised I could never go back to the way things were before because being hard on myself didn’t work. Supporting myself and nurturing myself was the best way forward and I’m grateful I was able to come to that realisation.

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